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Tempered glass 9H

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Every owner of a new smartphone takes his first steps at a GSM accessory store, looking for the right tempered glass 9H. With this simple solution, the smartphone screen is protected from scratches or cracks. If you want to select tempered glass 9H for your phone for your point of sale, Hurtel wholesale is ready to order. Take a look and see how you can increase the turnover of products in your business!

The best tempered glass 9H for phone at

While phone manufacturers are creating more and more resistant screens, it's not worth relying on this form of protection alone. It is better to reach for an additional, proven solution - high-quality tempered glass 9H for the phone. Wholesale Hurtel recommends models for top devices, as well as for niche models. The best glass are perfectly matched to the screens. They do not stand out or move. Admittedly, when hit, they crack, but that is their role - they do not shatter in the process and remain in a coherent sheet, giving you the opportunity to safely replace the coating. Toughened glass for a phone in the wholesale market is often packaged in bulk boxes, which makes it possible, at least, to stock service outlets.

Safe screen - choose strong tempered glass 9H wholesale

Are your customers wondering how to make their smartphone screen look pristine at all times? Provide them with a decent solution! If you're running a GSM service outlet, opt for strong wholesale tempered glass 9H, supplied in economical bulk packages. The moment you rely on the classic form of retail sales, pay attention to classically packaged tempered glass 9H. A supplier from Poland, Hurtel wholesale has a variety of solutions to protect your screen. Take a look and choose the perfect option for your business needs.

Not just protection, that is, privatizing tempered glass for phone. The supplier is already waiting

Surprise your customers with the novelty they have been waiting for and present them with a privatizing tempered glass 9H for their phone. The supplier, wholesaler Hurtel, has models for many smartphones on its shelves. What distinguishes this type of coating? First of all, it protects not only the continuity of the screen surface, but also privacy. The user of the smartphone will use the device in a completely ordinary way, while the person looking "over his shoulder" will see only a darkened screen. The privatizing tempered glass for the phone, like other varieties of this type of protection, usually has a hardness rating of 9H, which means that it can only be scratched with a diamond blade. That's not the end of the possibilities, as at Hurtel Wholesale we also have tempered glass with an alignment tool - a great option for customers who want to take care of placing the coating on the screen themselves.