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Tablet glass

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Protective glass for tablets today is one of the basic accessories that users of new technologies reach for. Touch screens can sometimes be very fragile, and the devices themselves - expensive. No wonder tablet protection is such an important component of the offer of any GSM outlet or other business. Choose the best-priced, robust products that your customers will love. 

Hurtel - wholesale glass for tablets of various sizes

Protective glass is supposed to be a safeguard in case the device is accidentally released from your hand or comes into contact with a sharp object, such as a bunch of keys. Sometimes the equipment falls from a greater height - it is not at all difficult to break! Let your customers get ahead of such situations. Wholesale glass for tablets Hurtel recommends proven products that not only serve their purpose perfectly, but look great on the shelves. Many of them are packed in decent cardboard boxes resembling photo albums, so they give the impression of something really decent at the first contact.

Tempered glasses for tablets in wholesale

In our wholesale store you will find protective glasses for tablets from various manufacturers. Regardless of the logo, each of them is distinguished by its high resistance to damage. The only thing you need to take into account is the parameters of the devices for which you want to include products. You can easily find protective glasses for the latest model of tablets, as well as those that will fit slightly less popular or older equipment.

How do you choose a good supplier of glasses for tablets?

All you have to do is choose Hurtel wholesale as your business partner. The tablet glasses we have on our shelves are perfect for retailers thanks to their favorable prices and attractive packaging. The "album" form makes it convenient for you to present them to your customers. An added benefit for them is the trivially easy assembly, which can also be done at home. A typical kit includes cloths for degreasing the screen and a sticker for removing dust particles, which guarantee a perfect fit of the protective glass. You'll find a screen protector that doesn't affect the quality of the color display or the sensitivity of the touchscreen.