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Solar chargers

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Efficient, ecological, handy - here are solar chargers! Wholesale Hurtel has a variety of interesting models, which are very popular with customers throughout Europe. They come in compact cases, so they are perfect for camping, hiking, holiday trips. Also choose them if you have a business from the world of sports, survival or tourism. Hurtel, a supplier of solar chargers, is waiting for your orders!

Choetech foldable solar charger 160W black (SC010)
EAN: 6932112103680
327,19 EUR incl. VAT incl. VATB2B: Join sellers and get wholesale prices
a very large number185 pcs.
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How does a solar charger work? The supplier answers

Our solar chargers can charge a variety of devices via a USB port - and without access to a constant power source. All of this makes a typical portable solar panel a good choice for camping and caravanning vacations, as well as a good support for long-distance hikers.

Make your offer stand out. Bet on a solar charger supplier

This is not an absolute novelty, as we have been tapping into the sun's energy for centuries. What is innovative is the way this technology is now transferred to the user. Forget about heavy, unsightly panels, reserved until now only for the construction or energy industries. Solar chargers are "making their way into living rooms," more specifically, into modern accessory stores.

Solar chargers in wholesale. Not a bad business idea

These small, handy and elegant accessories are able to collect energy and transfer it to devices even in the middle of the farthest wilderness. Photovoltaic chargers are sought after by customers of survival gear stores and weekend camping enthusiasts. This is an attractive differentiator for your offerings, which should be included today.