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Smartwatch accessories

( number of products: 690 )

Smartwatches are a popular gadget that technology and sports enthusiasts reach for. Although individual manufacturers, as well as models of the devices, differ quite a bit, it is still usually possible to select replacement straps or envelopes. Take advantage of the smartwatch fad and introduce colorful, comfortable smartwatch accessories. Wholesale Hurtel also has additional bracelets or protective glass. 

Which smartwatch accessories? Wholesale Hurtel has selected the most interesting models

You can find numerous smartwatch accessories with us. Wholesale Hurtel is a place where we constantly follow technological innovations and fashion trends, so we know very well what gadgets will be most popular at any given time. We will be happy to advise you on great-rotating protective glass for smartwatches or decorative envelopes that further protect the delicate device.

However, other smartwatch accessories are the most popular. Wholesale Hurtel is full of fashionable smartwatch straps - available in a huge number of variants, diversified both in terms of colors and materials used.

Fashionable and rotating smartwatch accessories in wholesale

Do your customers want to change the appearance of their smartwatches? They will certainly be very keen on interchangeable bracelets and straps - models from manufacturers such as Kingxbar, Dux Ducis or Ringke sell very well at Hurtel wholesale. The aforementioned products, sometimes called straps, are sometimes made of different materials. Leather straps for resale are a real hit, but equally popular are options made of silicone, fabric or metal. Magnetic, classic - buckle fasteners are the next step in the selection of solutions is your offer.

Smartwatch accessories. A supplier from Poland knows the secret of success

There are many arguments that make smartwatch straps such a good retail option. A supplier from Poland, wholesaler Hurtel, hints: many entrepreneurs appreciate their convenient packaging - most often in handy cardboard boxes "with a window" that beautifully display the contents. A plastic tag or one that is an integral part of the box is another advantage of this type of product. All this makes smartwatch straps for Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi or Garmin smartwatches a great recipe for a well-rotating offer. However, smartwatch accessories are not just straps or protective glass. At Hurtel Wholesale, you'll also find wireless chargers (for Apple Watch), wired chargers (for other models), as well as multifunctional docking stations. These are eye-catching (and new customers) products that don't spend much time in your warehouse. See for yourself!