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Screen cleaners

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Customers of GSM stores and outlets are looking for ways to combat greasy fingerprints or dirt on smartphone screens. Have you been able to spot this trend? Take advantage of it right now! Order screen cleaners - handy, compact and highly effective - from See what we have prepared to crack down on messy phones once and for all.

Screen cleaners wholesale. A gadget that always comes in handy

How do you keep your smartphone, tablet or computer screen clean? Your customers can choose traditional cloths or reach for a more modern solution - screen cleaners. In wholesale you can choose products that perfectly remove dirt from flat glass surfaces, including glasses or tablets. They are covered with pleasant to the touch, absorbent microfiber, which collects the residue of the spray without leaving any streaks or scratching the screen.

What does the screen cleaning spray contain? The supplier answers

Wondering what screen cleaning spray includes? A supplier of this type of product, wholesaler Hurtel has a product consisting of a bottle along with a gentle cleaning liquid. The container is covered with soft microfiber, making it a tool for removing residual product. It allows you to make precise, even strokes, one next to the other. Cleaned in this way, the smartphone remains clean and neat for even longer, without any smudges or streaks. At the same time, the plastic is gentle enough not to damage the surface of the device.

2-in-1 screen cleaner wholesale online

Great for traveling, ideal for storage - this is what distinguishes our 2-in-1 screen cleaning kit. Online wholesaler Hurtel points out that this small product can be easily stored on store shelves thanks to its light weight. It will easily fit into your pocket, backpack or bag, and won't take up much space on your desk. The smartphone cleaning kit is reusable, the cloth recovers after rinsing.