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Portable power stations

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At Hurtel wholesaler you will find many portable power stations from Choetech. We have models with weights from 4 to even 22 kilograms, capacities from 300 Wh to almost 2000 Wh, with a variety of ports. Mobile charging stations on offer at are an assurance of large stocks, attractive prices and professional service. Take a look at the category below and choose something for your offer. 

What is a portable power station? Wholesaler answers

Portable power stations are a very multifunctional device. Its main purpose is to charge batteries or supply power to mobile or travel devices in situations where there is no permanent power source. Thanks to built-in ports, you can connect GSM devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops), but also larger tourist devices. Refrigerators, coffee makers, camping lights - there are many possibilities with portable power stations. Wholesaler Hurtel gives you the assurance that portable power stations will be a great rotating product. Perfect for your business!

The construction of mobile charging stations is extremely simple. Power stations usually have built-in lithium-iron-phosphate or lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged using a solar panel, by plugging into a power outlet or into a 12-volt socket in the car. So your customer can choose the way that suits them best.

Typically, portable emergency power stations take the form of a small box. Choetech models, which you will find in the offer of Hurtel wholesaler, also have a built-in LED display indicating the level of battery charge.

Emergency power stations for your business

Depending on the battery capacity (expressed in watt-hours) and power output (expressed in watts), mobile charging stations allow you to charge electronic devices repeatedly. The larger the battery capacity, the more devices you can charge or plug in. So you can offer smaller power stations to customers who want to have "backup power" when traveling in the car with the family or when hiking in the mountains. Larger stations will come in handy for people who go on camping or tenting vacations, taking a lot of tourist equipment with them.

Portable wholesale power stations also have different weights. And this parameter is equally crucial for your customers. Larger and more advanced models usually have more capacity and additional features, but are heavier and less portable. The charging stations at weigh from a few kilograms to as much as 22 kilograms.

Who are the charging stations for? The supplier has many suggestions

Lack of access to the electric grid - this is the main reason why customers buy portable power stations. Wholesaler Hurtel therefore tailors its offerings to reach a wide range of customers. In a tent, in an RV, while hiking, in a car, or even on a business trip.... The potential situations are many.

Users especially appreciate higher-capacity models that can charge devices that consume a lot of energy: laptops, sports cameras or drones. These models are extremely useful in emergency situations, such as a power cut.

Smaller models will be sought by people who spend a lot of time in the car. Portable power stations from are great for charging smartphones, tablets, laptops, car navigation and many other mobile devices. You can also connect a mobile printer or scanner to them.

Are you interested in portable power stations? Wholesaler Hurtel is waiting for your orders and questions!