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Magnetic phone accessories

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phone standsAn innovative option for your business. Surprise your customers with magnetic phone accessories! At Hurtel wholesale we offer a whole range of them, and all of them are able to enrich smartphones with completely new functions. And that's without cumbersome installation with glue! Compact sizes, handy, aesthetically pleasing boxes and Euro hangers for even better display of goods on shelves. See what we have prepared for your offer.

How do magnetic phone accessories work? A supplier from Poland knows the answer

Without mounting, hooks, gluing, but with great possibilities - this is how we can describe magnetic phone accessories for the phone in a nutshell. The supplier from Poland is precisely Hurtel wholesaler. Your customers will appreciate their functionality and will eagerly reach for this type of solution. All you need to do to use an additional wallet or cradle is to unpack it from the factory packaging and bring it close to the surface of the back case of your smartphone. That's how simple our magnetic phone accessories, phone stands are to use. A trustworthy supplier is at your fingertips - just contact

Everything at hand, i.e. magnetic wallet. A wide selection of magnetic phone accessories at Hurtel wholesaler

Transparent, leather, made of strong plastic, available in a whole range of colors - you will be delighted with the multitude of finishing options that a magnetic wallet can have. In the Hurtel wholesaler you will easily find the most interesting of them. Their great benefit is that many of our models support RFID chip readers, which means you don't have to take out your cards to make payments. We are confident that your recipients will be delighted with this functionality! For added protection, magnetic phone gadgets for resale are designed to avoid uncontrolled ejection of the contents.

Charging plate in B2B option will transform your offer

At Hurtel Wholesale, we select products with great emphasis on their quality, as well as their chances for resale. They are always perfectly rotating options, packaged so that they can be properly displayed and stored. The charging plate in the B2B option is one such offering. It's a small product that you serve in a decent box. Your customers will reach for it very eagerly also because of its interesting functionality - it's a small disc that sticks on the back case. With this item, the smartphone can be mounted on magnetic stands or, depending on the specifications of the device, also powered wirelessly. Take a look at wholesaler and choose a charging disc for further retail resale.