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Chargers & powerbanks

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Convenient chargers and powerful powerbanks - Hurtel wholesale sets trends in the GSM market! Look at what modern solutions we have prepared for your business. Network chargers with multiple connectors? Wireless chargers with a car holder? How about solar chargers or 30,000 mAh powerbanks? We have them all. Grow your business with Browse through our offer! 

Modernity offered by our wholesale - wireless chargers

Powering up your devices without cables and dabbling over the right tip? That's a thing of the past, and with the solution comes our wholesaler. Chargers, including wireless models, are the modern option that customers are looking for. They are highly functional, and also very aesthetically pleasing. They often look like an attractive decoration for a home or business desk, or even the cockpit of a car. Take a look and choose solutions that your customers will love.

The incredible range of possibilities today is truly impressive, but it all comes down to MagSafe technology. An additional convenience is the magnetic fasteners that are used repeatedly here - this is exactly the kind of models that our wholesaler has in its assortment.

An essential for your motorized customers. Car chargers in wholesale

On the road time! Wanting to reach your destination safely and quickly, it is worth carrying a phone with navigation. How to make sure the device is always on standby? There is a solution that is conquering the accessory markets. It's no wonder that wholesale car chargers are so popular, and there is no indication that this popularity is about to wane. Act in line with current trends and include highly rotating options in your offerings. Wholesale car chargers are just the thing to surprise your target customers of high-tech businesses.

Make your offer stand out, choose solar chargers

This is not an absolute novelty, for we have been tapping into the energy of the sun for centuries. What is innovative is the way this technology is now transferred to the user. Forget about heavy, unsightly panels, reserved until now only for the construction or energy industries. Solar chargers are "making their way into living rooms," more specifically, into modern accessory stores. These small, handy and elegant accessories are able to collect energy and transfer it to devices even in the middle of the farthest wilderness. Photovoltaic chargers are sought after by customers of survival gear stores and weekend camping enthusiasts. This is an attractive differentiator of your offer, which should go into it today.

Powerbanks have power - wholesale

Wondering how to expand your customer base? Powerbanks will be a great option for your business. They will come in handy in any situation, even a sub-critical one, when you run out of power. Powerbanks are packaged in elegant cardboard boxes with a Euro tag, so they will look good on displays and shelves. A huge selection of powerbanks of various sizes - even up to 30000 mAh - awaits you at