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Bluetooth speakers

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Wholesale Bluetooth speakers are a great option for your business! Take a look and explore all the possibilities for your customers. You can choose from us wireless speakers for every budget and every need. You'll easily find models that are waterproof, smaller or larger, with different range and operating time. Although the choice is huge, we will be happy to help you choose the perfect assortment. See what we have prepared for you.

Dudao Y17 Bluetooth watch / speaker - silver
EAN: 6973687247638
12,84 EUR incl. VAT incl. VATB2B: Join sellers and get wholesale prices
a very large number150 pcs.
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Accessories - 3mk Fuego Blue
3mk Protection
EAN: 5903108528276
81,86 EUR incl. VAT incl. VATB2B: Join sellers and get wholesale prices
possible to order1416 pcs.
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Accessories - 3mk Fuego Black
3mk Protection
EAN: 5903108528269
81,86 EUR incl. VAT incl. VATB2B: Join sellers and get wholesale prices
possible to order637 pcs.
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Bluetooth speakers from global manufacturers in wholesale

Loud music on the terrace, during trips or anywhere where there is no access to an electrical outlet? You will find with us the perfect solution for such needs: bluetooth speakers from global manufacturers in wholesale. Top quality, from all price ranges, available in numerous colors and even sizes. With this equipment on your shelves you will be a sales success. In addition, you can ensure that your audience can also listen to their favorite music "under the cloud": thanks to IPX7 level protection.

Fashionable wireless speakers at Hurtel wholesale store

Fashionable wireless speakers at Hurtel wholesale are an important part of the offer. Specifically for your business, we search for solid solutions from all over the world almost every day. We are a supplier of bluetooth speakers from respected manufacturers such as TronsmartDudao and Joroom. Our types are also distinguished by advanced Bluetooth. When choosing devices for your customers, pay attention to which version of this technology the equipment supports. The higher the designation, the better the sound quality and extended range.

See wireless speakers in wholesale quantities

You'll find wireless speakers in bulk - great rotating models that catch the eye and encourage you to check out the whole range. They are packaged in handy, sturdy cardboard boxes, and many of them come with a Euro hanger that makes it easy to display the speakers on shelves. Our wholesale store also has no shortage of waterproof Bluetooth speakers, ideal for holiday trips and everyday use regardless of the conditions. We have prepared wholesale quantities of speakers for you and your customers at various prices and wholesale quantities. Wondering which ones to choose for your business? Contact us, we will help you choose the perfect models.