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Which scooter accessories should you choose? Upgrade your offer with bestsellers

Which scooter accessories should you choose? Upgrade your offer with bestsellers

Are your customers asking more and more often about various scooter accessories? See our wide range of electric scooter gadgets that every bike owner will definitely choose. A phone holder, bag, helmet or pump are just the beginning!

Electric scooters are currently breaking popularity records (especially with the rising fuel prices). They can be seen both on the paths of larger cities and smaller towns. For many users, two-wheelers are a way to commute to work, for others - a nice activity. And since - as the well-known quote says - it is not the goal that counts, but the road, it is worth making it as convenient as possible.

Electric scooter accessories are a huge group of products that can make riding easier or secure all equipment. It is worth remembering that some accessories, such as safety helmets, are compulsory in some places. Others, such as a scooter bag or a phone holder, may prove to be simply useful during everyday commuting. Here are some suggestions that will be useful for every scooter user.

Basic scooter accessories that ensure the user's safety

Many scooter users feel uncomfortable riding on uneven pavements or slalom between the posts. That is why the most popular accessories for scooters are those that ensure safety. Therefore, it is worth introducing to the offer of your point:

  • Scooter helmet . This is usually the first product on the list of scooter accessories that new bike owners are choosing. The helmet protects against the effects of falls and collisions, protecting the head and jaw. In addition, it can serve as a place for a head or rear lamp.
  • Glare . An undeniable must-have if you drive a lot after dark. Reflectors come in many forms, but the most comfortable scooter is worn over the chest. They effectively reflect the light of cars, which makes the scooter driver feel completely safe.
  • Front light for a scooter . For driving at night or in difficult weather conditions. The lamp will illuminate the road efficiently enough to avoid holes in the road and pedestrians.

Accessories for an electric scooter that will significantly increase the comfort of riding

One of the reasons why car drivers switch to scooters is the convenience of two-wheelers. It is much easier to take a scooter to the office or store than to look for a free space in the parking lot. However, something for something - when jumping on a scooter, you have to reckon with the fact that you can take much less things with you. Therefore, when retrofitting your point with scooter accessories, it is worth adding:

  • Scooter handlebar bag . It will come in handy when we need to take something more than just keys and a wallet. The bags are extremely easy to install with Velcro, they are light and roomy.
  • Sports backpack . A version for those who want to pack a lot of things, e.g. shopping or a picnic lunch. Easily transform the backpack into a shoulder bag.
  • Scooter phone holder . Because who said that scooters cannot be taken with you on vacation? The holder will allow constant access to navigation or headphones.

In case of unforeseen situations - helpful scooter accessories

Like any equipment, the scooter can break down while riding. An inadvertently "passed" hole in the road, a loose screw or a punctured inner tube can ground the bike for several hours. To prevent this from happening, it's a good idea to have simple repair tools with you. Therefore, we recommend the offer:

  • Electric scooter pump . Many scooters have inflatable wheels with traditional valves (such as Presta, Schrader, Dunlop). Therefore, it is worth having a pump that will inflate the wheel to the appropriate pressure level .
  • Multitool . It will come in handy in emergency situations or when you just want to be sure that the scooter will work flawlessly.
  • Scooter cover . A solution for those who leave the scooter in a special parking lot, but under the open sky. The cover will protect against rain, dust and dirt.


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