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Solar chargers - for businesses from many industries!

Solar chargers - for businesses from many industries!

Do you run a business aimed at survival enthusiasts? Or maybe you work with people who often travel or… wander in search of buried treasures from years ago? Handy solar chargers will be useful to all of them. They are also important for ordinary holiday trips. See how attractive solar chargers can be in your offer.

Solar chargers - how does it work?

If you want to fully present solar chargers to your audience, first see how these devices are built. Perhaps at first glance you will think that they look like ordinary travel suitcases, but nothing could be further from the truth. Photovoltaic chargers are foldable structures, the dimensions of which depend on the power and the number of cells placed in them. The foldable form is the result of a well-thought-out construction, which is conducive to transporting the aforementioned "suitcases". They can be easily attached to a backpack and charged while walking on a sunny day. The devices are small, light and stylish and will fit perfectly into the equipment of a fashionable traveler - and the original decor of your business.

Solar chargers that you can find in the B2B Hurtel come in many shapes. For customers who choose to travel on foot, we recommend smaller models that make up the construction of the briefcase. The low weight makes them ideal travel companions. You can easily hang them, for example, on a tree or a tent. Regardless of the model, their great advantage is the elegant packaging that catches the eye, as well as the compact form conducive to trouble-free storage.

For typically automotive businesses, we recommend larger, fold-out chargers. The larger the surface of the solar panels, the greater the charging power.
New in the B2B wholesale offer. includes Choetech solar chargers with a power of 160 W and even 200 W. These are relatively large constructions that will be ideal for lovers of longer trips. Smaller versions, perfect for a backpack, also for shorter trips, are the constant bestseller.

Mobile photovoltaic panels - some technicalities

Are you waiting for specifics? here they are! Solar chargers from Choetech allow you to use up to 25% of solar energy and convert it into completely free electricity.
A solar charger uses solar energy to produce electricity. You do not need to have access to an electrical outlet or meet any special conditions. Just point the solar panel towards the sun. In order for the panels to collect as much sunlight as possible, solar chargers are often equipped with special stands at an angle of 45 degrees.
To charge a mobile device with a solar charger, just connect it with the appropriate cable to the built-in USB or USB C connector. In larger models, solar chargers have several output ports, so you can charge several devices at once.

An idea for a business from (not only) the eco industry - solar chargers

Solar chargers are an ideal gadget for industries where there is no shortage of lovers of the "green" lifestyle. Solar energy has a neutral impact on the environment. Solar chargers will be an obvious choice for businesses aimed at enthusiasts of hiking, caravanning, militaria, and the art of survival. It will prove to be a practical solution also for treasure hunters who spend long hours penetrating the forests in search of souvenirs from the past. Application? Solar chargers will prove themselves in your business!

Depending on the model of the solar charger, your customers can power, among others:

• Smartphones
• Tablets
• Laptops
• Headphones
• Powerbanks
• Cameras
• Sports cameras
• LED lamps
• Pinwheels
• …and a lot more

Importantly, solar chargers are also a great way to protect the environment and this is the message that their use carries. Charging your devices with the sun is efficient and saves energy. Chargers of this type turn out to be a good proposition for industries emphasizing the protection of nature, for example health food stores.