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Smart house, smart offer. Smart home devices from Sonoff at the Hurtel warehouse

Smart house, smart offer. Smart home devices from Sonoff at the Hurtel warehouse

In the "smart home" category, the Sonoff brand is one of the most popular suppliers. It offers an extensive range of home automation products that allow you to control various devices via smartphone or voice. The latest shipment of modern accessories has just appeared in our warehouse - see what to choose !

Sonoff bestsellers - pay attention to these products!

Let's start with a few of the most popular Sonoff products that can be found in the Hurtel warehouse offer.

Here are the 5 most interesting products that are the most popular in retail sales:

  1. Sonoff TH Elite - wireless Wi-Fi transmitter for measuring temperature and humidity. The product will work wherever there is a need to control certain parameters, e.g. swimming pools, terrariums, etc.
  2. Sonoff smart Wi-Fi wall switch - for managing lighting in the room, also using programmed schedules.
  3. Sonoff SNZB-02 mini temperature and humidity sensor - with which you can control the atmosphere in the rooms. Remote management of a fan or humidifier is very easy.
  4. Sonoff remote control - with this handy gadget you can manage multiple devices at the same time.
  5. Sonoff smart home control panel with a touch screen - an elegant touch screen that is the control center of your smart home. It is also an alarm, intercom, monitoring preview, and even a doorbell with a camera preview. Allows you to connect up to 32 compatible devices.

Sonoff smart 1-channel Wi-Fi wall switch black (M5-1C-86)


Hurtel, a Sonoff wholesaler , also offers many other devices such as smart outlets, touch switches, LED controllers and many more. All Sonoff brand products are designed with comfort, safety and ease of use in mind, which makes them ideal solutions for smart homes, as well as offices, blocks of flats, large-format stores. Regardless of who is your group of customers, each of them will find something for themselves.

Thanks to the solutions of the Sonoff brand from the Hurtel wholesale, creating a smart home (actually the entire environment, also in public places) has become easier and more accessible than ever before. Home automation allows you to increase the convenience of use and save time and money (lower energy bills). Smart home is not only a fashionable trend, but the future that will change our lives and open up new opportunities. It is worth using this moment for the benefit of your business and include Sonoff in your offer now.

Sonoff SNZB-02 mini temperature and humidity sensor for ZigBee 3.0


Smart home accessories - beneficial options for home and business

Are you wondering how you can convince your audience to use smart home technology? We will tell you the 5 most basic arguments that cannot be denied:

Here are five benefits of using Sonoff accessories:

  1. Simplicity and convenience of use - Sonoff accessories are very easy to use and allow remote control of electrical devices using a smartphone, literally "from the couch level".
  2. Home automation - Sonoff accessories enable home automation that will "adjust" to the user's lifestyle (e.g. turn on the lighting 5 minutes before returning from work).
  3. Control of energy consumption - Sonoff accessories allow you to monitor energy consumption and detect unnecessary waste, for better control over energy expenditure.
  4. Compatibility with many devices - Sonoff accessories are compatible with various equipment (from air conditioning to the gate motor), thanks to which they can be successfully used in various places, including home and office (as well as outdoors).
  5. Low cost - Sonoff accessories are relatively affordable, which means they are easily accessible to many customers and make a smart home within reach.


Sonoff Multifunction Control Center Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wall Switch (NSPanel)


Or maybe you are wondering about the benefits for your business? Here the list is also extensive, but it is up to you to add more points. As a Hurtel wholesaler, we will intrigue you with the top five of the list:

Why is it worth including Sonoff accessories in your offer? we answer!

  1. Great customer interest - accessories for home automation are simply a fashionable topic. The devices are very popular among customers who willingly reach for them. You don't risk the goods lying on the shelves.
  2. High profit margin - Sonoff accessories are affordable already in the wholesale offer, therefore retail stores can achieve a high profit margin on the sale of these products.
  3. Wide product range - Sonoff offers a wide range of products, which enables retail stores to offer different solutions to their customers. You will attract audiences from industries that may not have been interested before.
  4. Relatively easy marketing - Sonoff products are well known and sought after by consumers, meaning that as a retail store you don't need to do a lot of marketing to keep customers interested.
  5. Relatively low storage costs - Sonoff accessories are small in size, available in handy packaging, which means that they can be stored with less effort (space and finances).

To sum up, if you are looking for "smart solutions" for your customers, the Sonoff brand offers many interesting products that you will find on the shelves of Hurtel. These products allow you to remotely control devices, create multi-stage scenarios and program devices depending on your needs. We invite you!