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Power in your pocket. We choose Joyroom powerbanks

Power in your pocket. We choose Joyroom powerbanks

Powerbank is a practical gadget that is an additional battery for smartphones or tablets. Depending on the power, a typical Joyroom powerbank can power the device up to 6 times after a single "full" charge. These days: extremely sought-after equipment.

It is hard to imagine everyday life without mobile devices. They accompany you at work, in entertainment, during trips. However, it is not always rosy: smartphones are common, power sources - a bit less. Uninterrupted, free access to energy while traveling or using public transport is not always something obvious. Power outages? They happen not from today. Fortunately, like phones, chargers have also become portable.

What exactly is a power bank?

Mobile chargers, portable batteries, power banks, power banks - there are at least a few terms for this device. However, it all boils down to the key functionality, i.e. the possibility of emergency power supply of the selected device, regardless of the place. A typical powerbank is small and compact, at first glance it can be mistaken for a smartphone (especially since many models from Joyroom have a display). Its task is to store energy and give it back at the right moment to the selected device.

How is the Joyroom power bank built?

The basis is the battery. Inside you will find a certain number of lithium-ion cells. A powerbank would be nothing without power ports - most often these are USB ports (for powering external devices) and microUSB (for charging the powerbank itself).

Good to know! In the Hurtel warehouse you will find a lot of Joyroom powerbanks (and other brands) with different parameters. An additional advantage is the fast charging protocols that shorten the power-up time.

True diversity starts with the housing. It can be classic black, gray or white, but many manufacturers use color as a way to distinguish their offer. However, this is a secondary issue. The most important thing is the material - pay attention to the quality of the plastic or immediately put on an aluminum finish. The power bank will never lie "politely" in a home drawer - it is intended for use in the field, and thus, also in slightly worse conditions.

Many powerbanks from Joyroom have a display that informs about the charging status.

Joyroom power bank - what is "standard capacity"?

…is a key indicator to follow when choosing a powerbank. It is assumed that standard powerbanks from Joyroom have a capacity of 10,000 to 30,000 (and higher) mAh (milliamp hours). The number of recharges increases with the capacity.

Below you will find the results that the powerbank will achieve when charging. For the following estimates, we have chosen the iPhone 14 as a model smartphone.

  • power bank with a capacity of 10,000 mAh - double charging

  • power bank with a capacity of 20,000 mAh - four times charging

  • power bank with a capacity of 30,000 mAh - six times charging

Good to know! The capacity shown on the device you purchased is the nominal capacity.

Nominal and usable capacity of the power bank

Nominal capacity - the capacity of all cells, which ... unfortunately will not be used by anyone. The cells have a voltage of 3.7V, and the voltage of the USB port is 5V. Equalizing the voltage results in a loss of energy.
Good to know! The actual usable capacity of the power bank may be 20% to 35% (and more) lower than the nominal capacity.

What devices can be powered by a power bank?

Powerbank is chosen primarily for smartphones - we use them most often. After selecting the appropriate connectors, you can easily power other devices with it:
tablets (laptops, notebooks)

  • smartwatches

  • e-book readers

  • MP3 players

  • cameras

  • photo cameras

Power bank - is it safe?

For starters - Joyroom powerbanks, although solid, are not indestructible. A strong impact or flooding will damage them as much as any other equipment. Their advantage, however, is a number of protections (e.g. against overheating), which you will not find in cheaper models.

Good to know! Store power banks at room temperature, even if you do not use them, but only store them for resale. Once started, the equipment should always have a "reserve" of power left.

Recommended powerbanks from Joyroom

Contact the Hurtel wholesaler for details. Below you will find our selection of the most popular powerbanks from Joyroom :