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MagSafe compatible, MagSafe wireless charging standard, or MFM certified? See what to choose for your offer!

MagSafe compatible, MagSafe wireless charging standard, or MFM certified? See what to choose for your offer!

Wireless charging is already a must-have for most smartphone users. One popular standard is MagSafe, developed by Apple. In this category, however, there are three terms that are often confused: MagSafe compatible, MFM certified and the MagSafe wireless charging standard. Read to be able to advise your audience well.

MagSafe compatible devices "get along" with any equipment

MagSafe compatibility means that the selected device has the appropriate magnetic fields to connect to the MagSafe wireless charger. Compatibility with MagSafe, however, does not mean that the charger is signed by a manufacturer from California. MagSafe-compatible devices can come from different manufacturers, have different parameters and security systems.

What does the presence of the MFM certificate mean?

The MFM certification applies to the case only and means that the accessory is officially approved by Apple. The MFM case meets his requirements for safe, efficient work with the iPhone.
This means that MFM cases are designed and tested with the users of this particular device (and its next generations) in mind, and above all, that it meets high quality standards. MFM-certified accessories are also automatically fully MagSafe-compatible, so they meet Apple wireless charging specifications.

MagSafe wireless charging standard - what is it?

The MagSafe wireless charging standard is a protocol designed by Apple that allows you to wirelessly charge your iPhone in any position. The MagSafe standard uses a magnet to keep the iPhone stable on the charger, so the smartphone can even hang on it without any problems. Unlike other wireless chargers, the MagSafe-equipped option places your iPhone precisely on the surface for even faster charging. Please note that the MagSafe charger supports the Qi charging standard, so you can use it to wirelessly recharge your iPhone 8th generation and up, and AirPods with a wireless charging case. It will not be effective for older models.

Note: Constant charging via MagSafe is harmful to battery health. The phone heats up to over 35°C when charging with this technology, which reduces battery capacity.

MagSafe compatibility and MFM certification are two different concepts from the world of Apple devices. The MagSafe wireless charging standard is a protocol created by Apple that allows you to easily and quickly charge your iPhone wirelessly.

Wholesale Apple Accessories. It's worth it!

If you run an electronics or GSM accessories store, you can't miss the opportunity to introduce complementary accessories for Apple devices to your offer. Hurtel wholesale offers a wide selection of accessories for iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices. Why is it worth taking advantage of this offer? Here are some benefits.

An even richer assortment

Adding Apple accessories, such as chargers and cables, to your offer means increasing the number of products in the store. This will attract customers who like to be able to choose from more products. Thanks to this, you can also increase sales - customers often buy more than one product during a single visit.

Additional complementary sales

Owning accessories for Apple products allows you to sell additional products that complement or enhance the use of the basic products. An example is the sale of MFi certified cables and MagSafe iPhone chargers.

Better visibility in search engines

Something for online stores! Adding Apple accessories to your offer translates into entering searched keywords into your website. This will help in positioning, and thus, in gaining new customers.

High quality of products

You will find only the highest quality accessories for Apple with us. This gives you confidence that the products you sell are durable, functional and comply with safety standards. You do not risk returns, complaints or any other unpleasantness.

Competitive prices

Prices of accessories for Apple - wireless chargers or cables in B2B. Hurtel are competitive. You earn on a favorable margin and gain customers who are looking for a good value for money.

Returning customers

Consumers who buy accessories for their Apple device (iPhone, AirPods or iPad) are usually loyal to the brand and willingly return to the store for more products. Including Apple chargers in your offer can contribute to increasing the number of satisfied customers and building loyalty to your business.

Introducing Apple accessories to your retail offer is a profitable business decision. You can choose from a wide range of devices with the MagSafe wireless charging standard, MFM certification or MagSafe compatible devices. Diverse prices, interesting solutions are our advantages. And if you are still wondering about technologies from Apple and other technical intricacies of our offer ... be sure to contact your sales representative!