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Hot trend: wooden cases at Hurtel wholesale store

Hot trend: wooden cases at Hurtel wholesale store

Unique, absolutely unique cases are a hot trend in the world of mobile accessories. These seemingly ordinary cases not only have a protective function, but above all give smartphones a modern and minimalist character. One of the leading brands in this field is Bewood - it is a novelty in!

The world of fashion constantly surprises us with new trends. For some time, ecological cases (such as the Eco Case series) have been in fashion, and now it's time for wooden phone cases. This trend is gaining popularity all over the world. It combines elegance and ecology, attracting customers looking for unique and ecological solutions.


A unique collection of wooden cases in

The Bewood brand creates a rich collection of wooden phone cases. Each case model is environmentally friendly and at the same time adds a unique character to smartphones. It is not only a fashionable trend, but also a great way to stand out with your offer among others.

Bewood Unique Planet Earth wooden phone case

Bewood Unique Planet Earth wooden phone case

Bewood creates its original patterns on wooden iPhone cases, based on the colors and textures found in nature. The Bewood Unique collection is distinguished by a variety of colors and shapes thanks to the use of resin. In this unique series you will find classic colors such as brown, blue and black, but also rich pinks and greens. Its patterns refer to nebulae or planets. The choice is wide, thanks to which each of your customers will be able to express their individuality.


Wooden case - protection at its best. Meet the supplier of the Bewood brand

The Bewood brand does not forget about the basic function of the case - phone protection. Each cover has been designed to effectively protect the smartphone from damage.

Wooden cases are pleasant to the touch and durable, providing not only protection against scratches, but also an extra layer of security. Your customers will not have to worry about unsightly scratches or unwanted dents.

Wooden phone case Bewood Mountains Imbuia

Wooden phone case Bewood Mountains Imbuia


Bewood is precision and attention to detail. Bewood already in the B2B offer

The creators of Bewood wooden cases attach great importance to quality. Phone cases (e.g. iPhone and Samsung) are made of natural, high-quality wood. Precise processing makes the wooden case a perfect fit for the phone, and the additional finish protects it from scratches. It is not only an aesthetic solution, but also very solid.

A wooden phone case is a great way to give your smartphone a unique character. Bewood offers a wide range of cases - the elegance of wood combined with phone protection is a perfect solution for everyone who appreciates natural materials and high quality workmanship.

Check out the collection of Bewood wooden cases in and choose the one that best complements the offer of your GSM point, distinguishing you from the competition.

Bewood Unique Planet Neptune wooden phone case

Bewood Unique Planet Neptune wooden phone case