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Fast charging with Ugreen Nexode. Meet the new series of GaN chargers

Fast charging with Ugreen Nexode. Meet the new series of GaN chargers

In a small charger - great power! The Ugreen brand has prepared a special series of GaN chargers that offer maximum power and a large number of output connectors. Ugreen Nexode chargers are the perfect choice for office workers, home office, but also students or ordinary phone users. Find out why it is worth having them in your offer.

The Ugreen Nexode series appeared on the market in 2022 and to date, 11 GaN chargers have been created within it. All of them have several features in common: they offer high charging power, compact dimensions, support for fast charging protocols and elegant color.

Ugreen Nexode chargers significantly reduce the charging time of mobile devices. Regardless of whether your customers have an iPhone 14 Pro Max phone, a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablet, a Microsoft Surface Pro 9 laptop or a Nintendo Switch console - the Ugreen charger will significantly speed up the process of charging their batteries to 100%.

What benefits can you count on by choosing this series of chargers for your point of sale?

Mini GaN charger from the Ugreen Nexode series - model CD294 Mini GaN charger from the Ugreen Nexode series - model CD294

Ugreen Nexode chargers in the developing GaN technology

GaN is a semiconductor material made of gallium nitride and at the same time the basis of one of the fastest growing branches of technology. Manufacturers are reaching for it more and more often, because the users of phones, tablets, laptops and electric cars are interested in them. GaN chargers, although they cost more than traditional silicon counterparts, offer many more benefits:

  • allow for high charging power while maintaining a small size of the chargers

  • allow you to safely charge more than one device without heating up

  • they are able to charge not only a smartphone, but even a tablet or laptop

  • they have wide compatibility with many devices: from older to the latest models

GaN fast charger up to 140 W Ugreen Nexode - model CD289 GaN fast charger up to 140 W Ugreen Nexode - model CD289

Wide selection of Ugreen Nexode wall chargers

As part of the Ugreen Nexode series, you will find various models of wall chargers: with a power of 45 W to 140 W, with built-in 2-6 output sockets, with various types of charging ports (USB, USB C, AC Schuko). So you can offer your customers solutions that perfectly match their needs. Examples?

  • The Ugreen Nexode CD270 charger is a power strip with great possibilities. It will be perfect for offices, in the so-called. open space, where several people work at one row of desks. It will also be a good gadget for home, where all household members have one smartphone to charge. The built-in power cable with a length of almost 2 meters will also ensure high accessibility.

  • The Ugreen Nexode CD327 desktop charger is a brilliant home gadget. It has a flat design, thanks to which it will not take up space on a desk or table (the shape resembles a small cube). Students will surely be satisfied with this solution!

  • The Ugreen Nexode CD294 mini charger will be the perfect device for all travelers. Its small dimensions (the size of wireless headphones!) can charge up to 45 W. It is therefore compatible with the latest models of smartphones, tablets, TWS headphones or Bluetooth speakers. In addition, it has two outputs, so it can charge e.g. a phone and a power bank at the same time. It's a GaN charger ready for adventures!

  • The Ugreen Nexode CD289 wall charger has increased charging efficiency. It can power up to 140W! It also allows you to charge up to three devices at the same time. A solution for home, work, office? Yes!

GaN Ugreen Nexode power strip - model CD270 GaN Ugreen Nexode power strip - model CD270

Ugreen Nexode compact chargers and design with the user in mind

Thanks to the use of GaN technology, Ugreen Nexode chargers have extremely handy dimensions. So they will be perfect for everyday use. They do not take up much space, and they weigh really little - about 300 grams. But it is not everything. Ugreen chargers will look great on store shelves.

The Ugreen brand is famous for designing its solutions with users in mind. That is why there are special markings on each charger. The output sockets are marked with the icon of the device that can be charged using the port. This is a great convenience for customers - regardless of their knowledge of technologies.

Presentation is a strong point of the Ugreen brand. The housing of each mains charger has been covered with a non-slip layer, so it will not slide off the table or desk so easily. Add to this the fact that Ugreen used very elegant colors: black and graphite.

GaN Ugreen Nexode fast desktop charger - model CD327 GaN Ugreen Nexode fast desktop charger - model CD327

Ugreen Nexode fast charging protocols

The already mentioned gallium nitride (GaN) technology makes Ugreen Nexode chargers support most of the fast charging protocols available on the market. Power Delivery, Quick Charge, SCP, Super Fast Charging, PPS or AFC - GaN chargers are compatible with all of them.

At the same time, Ugreen chargers have various levels of device protection built in. Your customers can therefore be calm about their tablets or smartphones. Modern components match the charging parameters to the needs of the connected device. So there is no risk of overheating or overcharging.

In a you will find the latest models of Ugreen Nexode chargers. See what options we have prepared for your point of sale!