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Expand your sports business with the Hurtel wholesaler. What's new in the seasonal offer?

Expand your sports business with the Hurtel wholesaler. What's new in the seasonal offer?

Welcome to the world of sports accessories! Here you will find many interesting products that will surely appeal to your customers. Bicycle bags, running armbands or smartwatches are just the beginning…

Hurtel 's offer includes a wide selection of sports accessories, including:

  • Accessories for runners (running belts and armbands) - perfect for runners who want to have their phones or keys with them. The models we offer are available in many sizes and colors, thanks to which everyone will find something for themselves, and you will be able to create a diverse offer - no one will leave empty-handed!
  • Sports watches - for people who care about their shape and want to have control over their training achievements. Models from Joyroom are our bestseller and no wonder. They allow you to monitor activity, steps, calories burned and other parameters, and at the same time they are very affordable and look great also outside of training.
  • Bicycle accessories (bicycle panniers) - from the Polish brand Wozinsky. This is our hit, which disappears from the shelves regardless of the season. They are waterproof and functional, which is why both the lover of long escapades and the student commuting with a laptop to the university will love them.

Joyroom FC1 Classic Series Call Answering Smartwatch IP68 Gray (JR-FC1)

All sports accessories we offer are characterized by high quality and durability, thanks to which they will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Express shipping, constantly large stocks and competitive prices are our other advantages!

Wozinsky armband for running phone blue (WABBL1)

What distinguishes our sports offer? Our strengths are many, and the list below is something that should interest you the most.

  • A large selection of products - the Hurtel wholesaler offers a wide selection of sports accessories, such as Wozinsky bicycle panniers, wristbands for runners and sports watches. Thanks to this, when running a sports store, you can easily and quickly supplement your offer with the necessary products.
  • Competitive prices - which allows you to obtain favorable margins. Thanks to this, stores can offer attractive prices to their customers, which positively affects their satisfaction and loyalty.
  • High quality of products - we offer only products from reputable manufacturers, such as Wozinsky Joyroom or Spigen, which guarantees high quality of offered sports accessories. Thanks to this, sports shops can provide their customers with the highest quality products, without the risk of frequent complaints and with a group of satisfied customers.
  • Fast delivery - which allows sports stores to quickly replenish their assortment and meet customer needs in a short time. What form of delivery do you prefer? We are waiting for your signal!
  • Individual approach - our consultants will help you choose the right products. Together, we will construct an offer best suited to your business plan and the needs of your recipients.

Sports and bicycle accessories in the Hurtel warehouse

These are just a few examples from the wide range of sports wholesalers Hurtel. An interesting morsel for anyone looking for sports accessories for their business is the Polish brand Wozinsky, which offers many different products for lovers of an active lifestyle. One of the most popular products in the offer are bicycle bags, which are perfect for cycling trips. What makes them so popular among two-wheelers?

Excellent quality of materials
Wozinsky bicycle panniers are made of the highest quality materials, such as nylon, EVA or polyester, which ensure durability and resistance to mechanical damage. In addition, the materials used in the production are waterproof, which means that the bags are resistant to rain and moisture. This is a very important functionality during bicycle trips in less favorable weather.

Convenient solutions
Wozinsky offers various types of bicycle bags, including saddle bags, handlebar panniers and trunk bags. Each model has convenient solutions, such as adjustable straps, fastenings, internal and external pockets that facilitate organization and access to the necessary things while cycling.

Practical features
Wozinsky bicycle panniers have many practical features, such as reflective elements or additional waterproof covers. There are also options that increase the visibility of the cyclist in the dark, as well as the possibility of attaching a reflector, which increases safety on the road.

Fashionable design
Wozinsky offers many different designs and colors of bicycle bags, so that every cyclist can find something for themselves. Some models have a more classic look, while others are more modern and fashionable. Regardless of style preferences, everyone can find something suitable for themselves.

Wozinsky waterproof backpack for bicycle trunk bicycle bag 2in1 23l yellow (WBB31YE)

To sum up, Wozinsky bicycle bags are the perfect solution for all cycling enthusiasts, as well as entrepreneurs who are looking for a practical and durable product for their offer. Thanks to the excellent quality of materials, convenient solutions, practical functions and fashionable design , Wozinsky bicycle bags are exceptionally valuable and will certainly become an attractive distinguishing feature on store shelves.

The Wozinsky brand offers many different types of bicycle bags that can be useful when cycling. Some of them are:

  • Saddle bag - it is a small bag that is mounted under the bicycle saddle. It is designed for the most important things, such as bicycle repair tools, inner tubes, keys, telephone, etc.
  • Frame bag - a bag that we mount on the top tube of the bike. It can also store various kinds of small items, such as energy gels, isotonic drinks, and even a phone or camera.
  • Side bag - is a larger bag that is mounted on the side of the bicycle rack. It is designed for larger things, such as clothes, food or other small items.
  • Bicycle backpack - this is a more advanced option, intended for longer bicycle trips. Such a backpack is ergonomically designed, which allows for comfortable carrying of luggage, while not restricting movement while driving.
  • Handlebar bag - it is a small bag that we mount on the bicycle handlebar. It is designed for small things, e.g. phone, wallet, keys. This is a convenient option if you want to have small items always at hand. Its big advantage is sometimes a "window" for a smartphone.

Wozinsky bicycle bag double backpack 2in1 30l black (WBB30BK)

The Wozinsky brand offers many different models and sizes of bicycle bags, which allows you to choose the right product for your needs. Check out our entire sports offer at this link - click !