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Discover the latest trends in sports accessories. Get ready for the season!

Discover the latest trends in sports accessories. Get ready for the season!

Are your customers passionate about cycling or scootering? Or maybe they like to run outdoors? Get ready for the spring season today! Sports accessories, in line with the latest trends, can be found in the Hurtel warehouse. See what gadgets will make practicing sports or traveling by bike or scooter easier and more enjoyable.

Sports, bicycle and scooter accessories are great rotating products - mainly due to the eco trend. More and more people are choosing to give up the car in favor of a two-wheeler. Being fit is also in trend all the time. City dwellers, who go for a run in the evenings, know this especially well.

At Hurtel you will find everything you need to fill your shelves. Especially if you run a shop with sports accessories, a bicycle service or simply want to supplement the offer of your GSM point with sports gadgets. Discover the possibilities offered by our warehouse.

Bicycle bags - for lovers of comfortable riding

Bicycle bags are a very practical gadget that allows you to easily store the necessary items while cycling. In the Hurtel warehouse you will find bags mounted on the frame , handlebars , trunk or saddle . Panniers come in many sizes and capacities so that everyone can find something for themselves. Smaller bags for the handlebars or under the saddle will fit, for example, keys, bicycle tools or a wallet. Larger, in the trunk version, will allow you to store even larger items - and without straining your back.

In the Hurtel warehouse you will find bags in various colors and patterns, thanks to which your customers will be able to match them to their style. The city bike will fit the Wozinsky WBB33BK 2in1 bicycle backpack , which can be safely mounted on the trunk. For mountain bikes that can be used on a multi-day trip, we recommend a capacious 60-liter bike rack bag with a rain cover included in the Wozinsky WBB13BK set . And if your customers prefer weekend bike rides, bike bags under the saddle will be a good choice - e.g. Wozinsky WBB8BK . The bags that you will find in the Hurtel warehouse are very durable and made of waterproof materials. So they have adequate protection against flooding during rain.

Phone bags - to be mounted on the handlebars of a bicycle, scooter

Nowadays, thanks to modern technologies, there are more and more functional sports accessories on the market - tailored to the needs of lovers of electronic gadgets. Bicycle bags with space for a smartphone are a good example. This is another hit among bicycle accessories . Thanks to them, your customers will gain quick and easy access to the phone to keep up to date with information about the route, time or weather. These bags are made of waterproof materials, which allows you to safely store your smartphone even on rainy days. In the Hurtel warehouse you will find bicycle bags with space for a smartphone in various sizes. So your customers will be able to match them perfectly to their phone.

Scooter to start. What gadgets will be on top?

Scooters have been winning the hearts of city dwellers for several years. Many of them choose gadgets that make driving more enjoyable. Such a necessary addition are scooter bags - they will allow you to store the most necessary items while riding, and also protect them from rain . The panniers are conveniently mounted on the scooter's handlebars using special Velcro. They are also extremely easy to dismantle. Scooter bags are made of durable materials, which ensures a long service life.

A great and very useful gadget for a scooter is a cover that allows you to safely store the scooter. It works not only at home, but also in the city. The cover has a convenient strap that makes it easy to transport the scooter by bus or tram. When choosing scooter accessories for your point of sale, don't forget about phone holders. In the Hurtel warehouse you will find many models: from armored, through universal, to those with a solar panel.

Running is always in fashion. Your customers know it

Among the novelties that will gain popularity among running enthusiasts are armbands with a place for a phone . Armbands are the perfect solution for people who need easy access to their phone during training. Internal card or cash pockets store your essentials. And thanks to the convenient adjustment of the armband, it can be adjusted to any hand size. Modern models are made of flexible materials, which provides additional comfort while running.

The second spring trend among running accessories is running belts . In the Hurtel warehouse you will find various models: from simple belts with a place for keys to more advanced versions - with pockets for water and energy gels. These belts allow you to run freely without straining your shoulders and back. Made of light and breathable materials, they do not cause discomfort during intense workouts. It is an excellent choice for people who want to be sure that the necessary accessories will always be at hand.

Sports watches - for many sports

Another spring trend in the sports world is sports watches . Modern models offer a number of advanced functions, such as GPS, heart rate measurement or physical activity monitoring. Thanks to this, lovers of running, football, gymnastics, cycling have insight into their results and progress, as well as the ability to accurately track the route and distance. Modern sports watches often connect to smartphone apps, allowing users to manage their data and track their progress in real time. Additionally, many sports watches offer smartwatch features such as message and call notifications. Thanks to this, practicing sports becomes even more comfortable and enjoyable. In the Hurtel warehouse you will find many advanced models of sports watches that will provide even more functions and even greater comfort of use. The new models include Joyroom.

When creating the Hurtel offer, we focus on proven, but also fashionable solutions. See what we have prepared for your point of sale! In our warehouse you will find not only high-quality products, but also attractive prices and quantity discounts. We offer a wide selection of products from leading manufacturers: Joyroom, Baseus, Wozinsky, Spigen, Ringke, Adidas.