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Baseus accessories - a rotating option for your offer

Baseus accessories - a rotating option for your offer

The Baseus brand is well known on the market of GSM accessories. The company offers many innovative products, such as power banks, chargers and smartphone cases. Thanks to them, you can always have access to energy and safely store your device. Find out more arguments for including it in your offer:

Baseus powerbanks. A hit that never gets boring

Powerbanks are one of the most popular Baseus products. These are small, portable chargers that allow you to charge mobile devices anywhere and anytime, most importantly: without access to a constant power source. Powerbanks offered by Baseus have different capacities and functions, which allows them to be adapted to the individual needs of each user. The brand's offer includes both small powerbanks that can be easily hidden in a pocket, and larger models that provide energy for the most demanding devices.

Baseus Bipow powerbank with display 10000mAh 15W black (Overseas Edition) + USB-A - Micro USB cable 0.25m black (PPBD050001)

Baseus accessories - what else is waiting for customers?

Baseus also offers car, office and home chargers. Thanks to them, you can quickly and safely charge various mobile devices, regardless of place and time. The brand's offer also includes headphones, cables with various connectors and wireless chargers that allow you to charge devices compatible with this technology.

Baseus Legendary Angled Gaming Cable USB - USB Type C 66W 2m Blue (CACS000503)

When it comes to other GSM accessories, Baseus offers many products that protect and facilitate the use of mobile devices. Among them are e.g. stands, smartphone cases, protective glasses, car holders and many others. Baseus cases are products that provide not only protection against scratches and damage, but also functionality, thanks to built-in card pockets. Protective glass, in turn, protects the screen against scratches and cracks, and car holders allow for safe and comfortable use of the device while driving.


Baseus gravitational car phone holder for air vent black (SUWX000001)


To sum up, Baseus accessories are a good choice for people who are looking for innovative solutions for their mobile devices. Thanks to the wide range of powerbanks, chargers and GSM accessories, each user can adjust the products to their individual needs and preferences.

Why is it worth having the Baseus brand in your online or stationary store?

There are several reasons why it is worth having the Baseus brand in your store:

  1. Innovative and solid products - The Baseus brand is known for its innovative solutions and high quality of its products. Thanks to this, customers will certainly be satisfied with their purchases and will be happy to return to your store in the future.
  2. Extensive range of products - Baseus offers many different products, such as power banks, chargers, smartphone cases, protective glasses, car holders and many more. Thanks to this, you can compose a diverse offer that will meet the needs of many customers, regardless of their needs.
  3. A brand with a recognized reputation - Baseus is a brand that has won the recognition and trust of customers around the world. Its presence in your store can have a positive impact on the image of the entire business.
  4. Potentially high margin - Baseus products are often perceived as luxurious and exclusive. Therefore, they can be sold at higher prices, which can increase the margin for your store.
  5. Good availability of products - Baseus is a brand that is widely available in the Hurtel warehouse. This makes it easy to restock products and meet customer needs on an ongoing basis. We take care of constant deliveries of interesting novelties, which is why you are always one step ahead of the competition.

To sum up, including the Baseus brand in your offer can bring many benefits, such as increasing sales, improving the image of the entire business and attracting new, satisfied customers.


Baseus Liquid Gel Case silicone cover for iPhone 13 pink (ARYT000904)

Baseus accessories in Hurtel warehouse

The Baseus brand is constantly available in the Hurtel warehouse, which gives customers easy access to a wide range of brand products. Hurtel offers many different Baseus products, such as power banks, chargers, smartphone cases, protective glasses, car holders and many more. All Baseus products offered by Hurtel are original and covered by the manufacturer's warranty. To sum up, Hurtel is a wholesaler where you will find a wide range of Baseus products. We offer high-quality and innovative products, which ensures that your customers will be satisfied with their purchases. Competitive prices and fast order fulfillment await you, which will allow you to meet the needs of your customers in a short time.